Ponderings – April 2, 2021

One of our vehicles is a bright red sporty car. I know that people see me get out and there is a moment of pity. They must think, “Look at that old guy getting out of that bright red sporty car.” I enjoy my car. I enjoy driving it on the Interstate very much. I do not exceed the speed suggestions. A deal was struck with my spouse. If I exceed the speed suggestions and receive official greetings from law enforcement, she takes my bright red sporty car from me. It will become her bright red sporty car.

I know she means it because her hands were on her hips and her foot was patting when we made the deal about the car. I have a fast car that I am required to drive under the speed suggestions. It occurred to me that people driving must think, “Look at that old guy driving slow in that bright red sporty car.”

The other night, we were returning from a shopping spree in Arcadia. I exited at my usual Exit 61 on the Interstate. We turn left on Highway 154 and are soon home. This night there was not a car in sight. At the end of the exit ramp there is a stop sign for left hand turners. I didn’t come to a complete stop. I officially rested. It was a longish rest, but not enough that it qualified as a complete stop. At least not according to the nice state trooper who gave me a ticket for not enough stopping at the stop sign. It was probably the most pleasant ticket I have ever received. He was laughing, I was laughing. I confessed because I knew what I had done. My bride was looking at the interior of my bright red sporty car figuring out where everything of hers would go. We discovered that blue flashing lights and bright red sporty cars clash.

The ruling from the spousal supreme court was that I officially did not receive a moving violation, I received a stopping violation. Thus, the court ruled that I could keep my bright red sporty car. I will be paying a nice fine for pausing and not stopping at the stop sign. I received spousal grace for my violation. 

I broke the law. I was caught. I did confess. I received a ticket for the traffic violation. I received grace.

It is a pretty simple story. It reminded me of the church’s story. We have one story and it is a simple one. 

Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again.

Find a church this Easter Sunday. All of us church folks have pent up Easter energy since we were closed last year. We will be celebrating part of our marvelous story.

He is risen!

He is risen indeed!

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