Ponderings – July 2, 2021

I bought an expensive outdoor cleaning product.

It came in one of those bottles that you attach to your garden hose. The instructions were plain. Spray the product on your house; or in my case, the very old backyard shed and forget about it. Right there on the instructions. Spray it on and let it dry. The further instructions were on the “peel off part of the label.” There the instructions told me to let the wind and the rain do the rest of the work. The instruction label read to be patient that it might take as long as six months for this product to work. Then the admonition, “Good things come to those that wait.” I was ripped off. The small print should have read, “in six months you will still have a dirty structure and you will have forgotten about our product. Ha! Ha!”

I’m thinking the only good thing that will happen is the company made money off me. I gave the product exactly two days to work then I hit the building with water and bleach and boom, a clean building. I hate being duped. But I didn’t buy this junk online, it came from one of our large boxed home improvement stores. It was rather expensive for that kind of product.

The next time you see me in the large box home improvement store, I’ll be reading the label on the miracle home washing product. I want to see if we have instant results or if the product tells me I need to wait until the next paint job to see improvements in the home. Good things come to those that wait and I’m very likely to wait a long time before purchasing another product from this company.

My sin was not removing the peel off section and reading all the instructions. Remember when you were once warned to “read the fine print?” I simply read the big print on the bottle that made all the glowing promises. Heck, for all I know the glowing cleaning promises would have come true in mid-June of 2023. I’m sure customer service for this product would tell me I should have been patient.

Our faith in Christ does not come with fine print. Jesus said it plainly, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me.”

Can’t make it any clearer

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