Louisiana Veto Override Session – Transgender Sports & Constitutional Carry

Yesterday at noon, the Louisiana State Senate convened a veto override session for the first time in modern history.

It appears the primary motivation for the legislators to return for the historic veto override session was two bills – Senate Bill 156 that focuses on transgender people in female sports, and Senate Bill 118, which would allow gun carriers to carry a concealed gun without a permit.

Senators voted 26-12 for the transgender sports ban veto override, the exact number of votes needed. The vote fell along party lines, with Republicans supporting the measure and Democrats.

In the House, Republicans will need to pick up some backing from Democrats and independents to overturn the veto and enact the ban into law.

The vote to enact SB118, the concealed-carry measure, was 23-15, three votes short of the two-thirds requirement. Four senators voted for the bill during the regular session but refused to overturn Edwards’ veto: Connick; Bernard,  Franklin Foil and Gary Smith.

Voting to override Gov. Edwards’ veto of permitless concealed carry (23): President Cortez, Sens Abraham, Allain, Cathey, Cloud, Fesi, Henry, Hensgens, Hewitt, Lambert, McMath, Milligan, F. Mills, R. Mills, Mizell, Morris, Peacock, Pope, Reese, Talbot, Ward, White and Womack.

Voting against overriding Senate Bill 118 (15): Sens Barrow, Bernard, Boudreaux, Bouie, Carter, Connick, Fields, Foil, Harris, Jackson, Luneau, Peterson, Price, Smith and Tarver.

The House plans to start debates on veto overrides tomorrow, and one thing is certain Lincoln Parish will be watching to see how their representatives vote.

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