Friday Night Lights: Meet Ruston’s LynDajah Burton

Meet Ruston High School’s LynDajah Burton

Parents: Dietra Brown & Derrick Burton
Siblings: Wraelene Renthrope, Tamia Burton, & Devin Burton

School: Ruston High School

Grade: 12th

Spirit Squad: Ruston High Varsity Cheer

Honors: As a Ruston High student I maintain a 4.6 GPA. Throughout high school, I’ve been taking honors and AP courses and began taking dual enrollment classes my junior year.

What is your favorite subject in school? Math

How long have you been cheering and what is it about it that you enjoy? I’ve been cheering for 10 years. I enjoy cheering because it allows me to express my school spirit and meet new people. Cheering also allows me to improve as a person and face new challenges.

What are your top three favorite movies? The Lion King, Radio, and The Hate You Give

What is something you cannot live without? Netflix

What kind of impact do you want to leave on this world? The impact that I want to leave on the world is inspiring women of color to never give up on your dreams and achieve all that you desire.

Who is your hero? My mom inspires me to be better and never give up.

What do you love about Ruston High? I love that my school provides a lot of academic opportunities and cares a lot about the futures of their students.

What is your favorite high school memory cheering? My favorite high school memory is when we played Carencro this year.

What are your plans after high school? After I graduate, I plan on attending college and majoring in nursing. I plan on become a Nurse Practitioner and eventually opening up my own practice.