Grambling holds city council meeting

By William Midkiff 

On the evening of Jan. 6, Grambling City Council held a meeting in which several items were passed, one item failed, and Mayor Edward Jones revealed that Grambling may be receiving an extra grant of nearly $1 million to support the city’s infrastructure.

The first item Jones presented to the council was an approval to adopt the city’s 2022 budget. The item failed, since the motion was not seconded, meaning that Grambling’s city budget cannot be certified until a later date.

In explanation to a comment made by an audience member, Jones said, “This is just tonight, to adopt a budget now. So this won’t have anything to do with whether you adopt the budget or not; this is a request.”

The second item Jones presented was a request to approve an ordinance to amend an article of the Grambling Code of Ordinances. This ordinance would establish fees for re-reading water meters. The ordinance was quickly and unanimously approved.

This concluded the old business of the meeting.

The third item Jones presented was a new order of business, a request for the approval of the demolition of several properties on Brown Street to be completed on or before March 31. These properties are all residences which were built over 60 years ago.

The item was unanimously approved.

The last item Jones presented was an approval to proclaim the last week in January as the City of Grambling School Choice Week.

National School Choice Week is a public awareness effort founded in 2011 to celebrate opportunity in education, specifically by uplifting the ideal of school choice.

School choice is a method by which parents can use the state government’s education funds, obtained through the public’s income and sales taxes, to purchase whichever schooling option will best suit their children. This means that education funding can extend to private schools, charter schools, online schooling options and homeschooling options.

School Choice Week is an opportunity for cities to spread awareness about school choice options.

The item regarding Grambling’s School Choice Week was approved unanimously.

The city council meeting concluded with a few announcements, including one by Jones in which he detailed how Grambling may be receiving nearly $1 million for infrastructure repairs.

In 2021, the American Rescue Plan granted the city of Grambling $992,000 to fund the city’s infrastructure.

Jones said, “We have asked for a matching grant, so we can double this amount. So, we can spend approximately $2 million on our infrastructure.”

Jones then explained that some of Grambling’s infrastructure systems, including some water and sewer lines, have been in use since the early 20th century.

The money that was granted in 2021 was deposited in the bank, where it will stay until the city receives word of whether or not the American Rescue Plan will match it.

Jones said, “Any day now, we were told, we would hear whether we were approved for the matching funds.”

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