Winter weddings offer benefits

While generally May through October is considered wedding season, couples do say “I do” in the crisper winter months, and for Louisiana residents, that generally is January and February. 

Many couples choose winter weddings for multiple reasons, including less headache regarding the venue, more flexibility and, yes, it’s true, better weather. 

For the venue, since the wedding takes place in the winter months, generally the wedding and reception are held inside. No need to worry about rain, wind or any other weather ailment that may come about. True, winter weddings can still be held outside, but most couples prefer indoor events during the colder months of January and February. 

Secondly, there is greater flexibility with a winter wedding. While the summer and early autumn months are filled with weddings, venues often have more options available for dates in the winter. Not only do couples have more date availability, but guests often have more flexibility, too, as they’re not jumping from one wedding to another, sometimes within the same weekend. 

Lastly, often there’s better weather in January and February than in, say, August or September, especially in Louisiana. Brides, grooms and the wedding party are already decked out in wedding attire, from dresses to coats, and while brides want to shine on their wedding day, they don’t exactly want to sparkle with sweat. Louisiana summers (and this includes the “second summer” of September and October) are often brutally hot, so a winter wedding can be beneficial for brides who want to glow during the ceremony – not melt. 

If a couple is planning a ceremony for January or February and has worries, skip them. Winter weddings can be just as memorable in the colder months as some of the more popular ones.