Domestic dispute results in arrest

A Ruston man was arrested Saturday evening after Lincoln Parish deputies responded to a domestic altercation at a Hickory Street home.

The victim told Deputy S. Campbell that she and her husband, Christian Phillips, 25, got into a verbal argument over how much time it was taking her to go to the grocery store. The woman asked Phillips to leave, and he refused. When she tried to leave, Phillips restrained her by grabbing her arm with two hands and bent it behind her back, forcing her to remain seated on the couch. He also punched her in the ear causing her to fall onto one of her children. At that time she called 911, grabbed the children, and attempted to get away.

Phillips was arrested and admitted to deputies that he grabbed and restrained and punch his wife. He was transported to the Lincoln Parish Detention Center and booked for domestic abuse battery.

Bail had not been set as of Tuesday evening as Phillips is also under a probation and parole violation hold.