Mother’s Day is in full bloom

By Sara Howell-Floyd 

Mother’s Day, May 8, is fast approaching and that leaves some people with the question of what they can do for their mother. One thing that people, especially anyone not in the same town as their mother, still have time to do is send their mother flowers to celebrate the occasion. 

Flowers on Mother’s Day has been a long-standing tradition in the United States. In 1913 a resolution was passed in the U.S. House of Representatives that called on federal government officials to wear white flowers, such as carnations to honor the nation’s mothers on this special day.

That resolution did not mark the beginning of the tradition of flowers nor was it the end. Lenae Bell, the manager and floral designer at House of Flowers, shared that Mother’s Day is one of their busiest times of the year. 

“Mother’s Day is our second busiest holiday of the year with Valentine’s Day being our first,” Bell said. “It is a long week of getting flowers and arrangements prepared for delivery mainly on Friday and Saturday, since we are closed on the actual holiday.”

People in Lincoln Parish are not the only ones eager to buy flowers for this holiday. Research over the last few years has showed that more people Googled “flowers” around Mother’s Day than Valentine’s Day. 

Bell said that their busiest days are typically the Thursday and Friday before Mother’s Day as people rush in to make an order. While Bell is unsure if they will have an increase in sales this year, they have seen one in the last two years. 

“For the past two years we have had an increase in sales on Mother’s Day and we believe that has been due to COVID,” Bell said. “People not being able to get out and buy other things for their mother or being able to take them maybe out to lunch or dinner for the occasion.” 

One of the most popular arrangements the House of Flowers has been preparing for Mother’s Day is a mixed spring vase, that includes a variety of both flowers and colors, Bell shared. 

“My favorite arrangement to make would be a vase of all the different flowers in a large vase,” Bell said. “These arrangements have a variety of flowers like hydrangeas, tulips, roses, lilies and more.”

Bell shared that most of the orders this year have come from people no longer in the area, but still want to honor their mother in a special way.

“Almost 80% of our Mother’s Day sales are from out-of-town customers calling to send their mothers flowers here locally, since they aren’t in town with them,” Bell said.

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