Small but mighty: Videographers behind the scenes

By Hunter Jones

Many people attend Louisiana Tech sports games, but and many others stay home and watch the game from the comfort of their couch and bag of potato chips.

Full-time employees and student workers collaborate from behind the scenes and work hard to make watching the game as smooth as possible at the same time as viewers pour another bowl of salsa.  

“Here at Tech, our production team is very small but it is very mighty,” said Kiona White, assistant director of video operations and creative services at Tech. “We deal with all sports here at Tech and staying on top of the day-to-day production. The schedule of these teams can be a lot but with each of us having our own creative minds we always seem to supply fans and each other with great content and productions.”

One of the biggest challenges White faces is time management. She explained how it is hard to tend to every sport on campus evenly and with such a small staff, it is difficult to delegate the needed hours to the in season sports. However, White said she is confident in her team; they make it happen.

“We have students who are committed to their school’s brand and love to be hands-on with everything,” White said.

Paris Cole works under White’s team of student workers. Cole also works as the football manager and brand engagement coordinator.

Cole’s job as football manager is to coordinate game and practice film at home and on the road. Under brand engagement, Cole’s job is to run the scoreboards during games, live streams, social media, video producing, photography and other general marketing activities. Brand engagement consists of two full time employees and a staff of student workers.

Carson Smalling is a junior at Tech who is majoring with a bachelor in computer information systems who works as a student assistant/ intern videographer for Tech’s football team separate from White’s and Cole’s department.

He helps film for football practices and games for coaches. The film is then used to help create game plans and to organize practices.

Smalling also operates as a runner which is someone who transports equipment to make sure it is in the right spot at the right time. 

It is simultaneously the easiest and hardest job there is within this field, personally,” Smalling said. “There is a lot of prep that has to go into getting the camera ready for practice, along with any extra equipment that would be needed for the location, weather and day.”

Smalling stated how his challenges include the weather and that the elements are always working against him. He has to be ready to counter them at any given moment. 

Another challenge he faces is adjusting to changes coaches make to plans they make before practice. Smalling explains when changes in the plays arrive he adjusts accordingly and then he follows the flow of practice or the game. 

“All around, I enjoy being able to work with the team,” Smalling said. “While it is similar to a normal workspace, it’s more personalized due to the fact you are able to watch the players grow during the time you are out there with them.”

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