Good news for Grambling

Lincoln Prep School Director Gordan Ford addressed the Grambling City Council Thursday night.

By T. Scott Boatright

In an unexpected move,  Lincoln Preparatory School Director Gordan Ford asked for a team-up with the City of Grambling during Thursday’s  Grambling City Council meeting at Grambling City Hall. 

Gordon spoke to the Council about sewer work combining costs of providing sewage to the school and city residents while Fire Chief Tommy Woods talked about improved training for GFD personnel.

And while no official move could be made when Ford brought the issue before the council during the announcements portion of the meeting, Ford is moving forward because of the benefit to entitles.

A proposed housing development near the school adds to the potential team-up deserving consideration.

“The requirement for the Lincoln Preparatory Schools and housing development is a 6-inch force main that costs $300,000,” Ford began his address to the Council. “What we asked (Consulting Engineer Henry Shuler) to do was determine what it would take to provide all of the sewer that is part of the plans that you have. …

“If we work together with the city, we can put in an entire force main that covers the school and the development. The proposed cost as you see in your docket is $380,000. So what we’re asking is for the City of Grambling to partner with us and each of us take up half of this cost. It would save both the school, and the city, over $100,000.”

Ford said no legal agreement would be needed.

“What would happen is, Mr. Shuler would simply break the force main into two separate sections. The city would pay for the section from the police station to a certain point, and then the school would pay for the rest. We will have force main that runs along all the way (down W. MLK). It would accommodate every home along “Old Grambling Road” and would benefit the city because when you want to extend it, all you need to do is tie in right there in front of the school. And again, it would save both entities over $100,000.”

Reached on telephone Sunday night, Ford said he’s moving forward like the agreement will happen because he strongly feels it will.

Woods talked about how the Grambling Fire Department is working to move forward to improve fire protection ratings.

“We have added a piece for our fire department that will add to our ratings,” Woods said. “We’re also going to start testing fire hydrants on the Grambling State University campus on Aug. 15, so we’ll be with them while they’re doing that.”

Woods also told Grambling Mayor Edward Jones and the Council that his firefighters have been working on certifications.

“When we talked you said you want to have certified personnel, and these folks are in the process of getting certified,” Woods said. “There are four other people not associated with the Grambling Fire Department, but they’re testing so they can get their certification. Once they get their certification, then I told them I would have a conversation (with the mayor). But until that time, we won’t be interviewing anybody about the jobs without proper certification.”


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