Hot Grill Summer, Vol. 10 – A fudgy farewell

We conclude this season of Hot Grill Summer with our first and only dessert: fudgy chocolate brownies. Lots of butter. Lots of chocolate. You’re welcome for it all. We start with—

*record scratch* What? Why am I concluding the season this season? Do I know that it’s going to be summer in Lincoln Parish for 4 more months? Have I lost my mind in the heat?

Alas, yes. It’s been a wonderful ten weeks, and I’ve enjoyed getting to share with you one of my greatest joys in life: good food. If you’ve followed each week, we’ve learned new cooking methods, settled debates on the best way to cook a steak and the best part of a chicken, and now, we’ll land this culinary craft with my personal favorite dessert recipe.

First, make sure your fridge has butter. A lot of butter. In fact, if you don’t have an unopened container, you probably don’t have enough for this recipe. Parchment paper is a must, as well, so don’t skip on that if you can help it.

Also, if you’re counting macros like me, input this recipe first before you even begin your day if you plan to eat a piece. It’s that good, but that, uh…. “un-macro-y.”

Second, prep yourself for the important method of “folding” instead of mixing. To do this, you’ll need to take a spatula instead of a whisk and carefully mix the ingredients together in a, well, folding fashion. This helps keep the ingredients from getting too “cake-like” and leaves a fudgy feel.

I personally love these right out of the oven.

Recipe and ingredients are here.

That indeed will conclude this season of Hot Grill Summer. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed getting to visit with people who read the column or tried the recipes. I fully intend to return next summer with more for you.

Thank you as always for reading. I hope you enjoy!