History museum gets good scrubbing from volunteers

By Wesley Harris

Volunteer Lincoln conducted its third quarter workday project by providing plenty of elbow grease to help out at the Lincoln Parish Museum Saturday.

Rick Godley, who is managing the museum, said, “Much was accomplished, but there’s much more to be done.”   

Godley said since the museum was closed nearly two years during the COVID era, a great deal of work is needed to restore it to topnotch condition. He praised the volunteer group for its willingness to assist.

“The Lincoln Parish Museum is a meaningful place in many ways to many people for many reasons,” Godley said. “It’s refreshing to know there is a palpable commitment from our area to keep it.”   

Volunteer Lincoln is a group of community members who organize and execute a service project once a quarter in Lincoln Parish. There are no requirements to join the group, just an interest and willingness to volunteer in the community. 

Godley said, “It’s also encouraging to see and hear the impact the Museum has on someone who visits the place and how impressed they are with the house and grounds and all the potential to create a remarkable future.”

“Right now, we are addressing the cosmetic side, cleaning, decluttering, organizing,” he added, “yet, we have a monumental undertaking ahead of us in addressing the ductwork under the house. It all has to be replaced.”

Godley was referring to the 50+ year-old heat and air conditioning ductwork under the house. Since the house sits on piers and beams, the ducts are in the open area between the floor and the bare ground, so the elements have taken a toll on the system.

Godley said the 130+ year-old house needs constant maintenance. The Museum needs funds to replace the ductwork and better seal up the crawl space under the house.

Another workday for cleaning and organizing the museum is scheduled for Saturday, October 15. Anyone can assist with the effort. Those interested in joining Volunteer Lincoln can check the group out at facebook.com/volunteerlincoln.