Clemson fans respond to Bulldogs gesture

Some Clemson fans have responded to the kind gesture by LA Tech with one of their own. (photo by Justin Cohen)

by Malcolm Butler


One good deed leads to another. 

Now it is Clemson’s fan-base that is responding with an act of kindness.

After the Clemson fan message boards picked up on the numerous stories surrounding Louisiana Tech’s support of Bryan Bresee and his family after the passing of his 15-year-old sister, Ella, the Tigers faithful are reacting in kind.

Tuesday’s Lincoln Parish Journal story on Bulldog punter Patrick Rea and coach Sonny Cumbie and the story behind the story of what led to the Tech players and coaches writing notes to Bryan and his family made its way to a number of Clemson fan message boards. 

And one Tiger fan had the idea of providing a “Thank You” through an $11 donation to the Louisiana Tech Athletics Club (LTAC) in Bryan and Ella’s names. 

Bryan, the star defensive lineman for the Tigers who missed the LA Tech game following the death of Ella, wears No. 11. Thus, the $11 donation.

The originally random donations started arriving late Tuesday before the reason behind them became clear on Wednesday. 

Although its not totally clear which Clemson fan had the initial idea of the gesture, there are numerous threads on numerous Clemson message boards and social media sites asking Tiger fans to contribute to the “Thank You” campaign. 

“Tiger fans making a donation to the Louisiana Tech Athletic Club as a gesture of thanks for their impact and class shown these past few days. Maybe $2, $20, $200 increments?” — OldFike94 said on one board.

Soon thereafter the Tiger message board fans settled on the $11 amount in honor of Bryan’s jersey number and ultimately — and more importantly — in honor of Ella. 

TigerSmith75 started a follow up thread on TigerNet late Wednesday night entitled “Who else is donating $11 LA Tech Athletics?” where he continued to encourage fans to participate.

And participate they have. 

As of late Thursday afternoon, more than 100 gifts of $11 (some of $111) had been made by Clemson Tiger fans to LTAC, the official athletics fundraising arm for Tech Athletics.

The LA Tech Athletics Department publicly thanked the Clemson faithful on social media: “The bond made last Saturday continues to grow. Over 100 donations have been made to LTAC from @ClemsonFB fans. Can’t thank you enough for the kind gesture. #EllaStrong”

Two schools separated by more than 650 miles have formed quite a connection over the past week. 

Based on a simple act of kindness during a tough time for the Bresee and Tiger Families. 

It’s great to see.


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