Injuries in domestic prompts arrest

Lincoln Parish deputies arrested a man early Wednesday morning in connection with a domestic incident.

When deputies responded to a residence on Country Roads Lane near Ruston, they were met by Renniks R. Manning, 38, who said, “Go ahead and cuff me. I’m ready to go.”

The victim was interviewed, and deputies saw a bleeding knot on her forehead. She stated they had been arguing but when asked how she sustained the injury, she said, “I don’t want to get him in trouble.”

The victim’s juvenile son said he heard Manning beating on his mother. Manning allegedly turned and hit the son as well. The son stated he was struck multiple times in the neck and chest.

When asked what happened, Manning said, “We got into it.” When asked how the victim got the head injury, he said, “I just told you. We got into it.”

Manning was arrested and transported to the Lincoln Parish Detention Center where he was booked for domestic abuse battery.

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