Trenton Sleep Solutions offers easier testing, solution for sleep apnea

Trenton Sleep Solutions has a much simpler way to test for sleep apnea and a more comfortable solution as well.

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Do you need a good night’s sleep? Are you sleeping good at night? Do you or your partner snore? Do you wake up feeling sleepy or sluggish? Do you need to have a sleep study? Have you been diagnosed with sleep apnea and don’t like the CPAP?

Well Paige Volentine and her expert team at Trenton Sleep Solutions can help you with these questions.


  • Obstructive sleep apnea affects roughly 20% of the US population and of that 80 to 90% are undiagnosed.
  • Obstructive sleep apnea can cause daytime sleepiness and fatigue but can also increase the risk of coronary artery disease, heart attacks, heart failure, and strokes.
  • An estimated 50% of sleep apnea patients cannot tolerate their CPAP.

Here’s how Paige Volentine and her expert team at Trenton Sleep Solutions can help.

If you feel like you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, give us a call at 318-265-4972 and set up a consultation. One of our experienced staff members will ask you a few simple questions and do an exam to determine if you need a sleep study. We send off for a home sleep study that arrives at your house in the mail.

It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s fast. 

The results are read by a sleep physician and they determine if you have mild, moderate, or severe sleep apnea. For mild to moderate cases,  Trenton Sleep Solutions can fabricate a custom sleep appliance designed for you to keep the airway open at night. A simple impression is all it takes. For severe cases, a CPAP is recommended for treatment. Not a fan of a CPAP? You can still be a candidate for an oral appliance.

Best of all – we don’t deliver the appliance and then forget about you. We want to know how it is working for you. We do follow-up appointments and sleep studies after delivery to make sure the appliance is doing its job and you are happy with it. We file all major medical insurances, including Medicare.

Benefits of a sleep apnea oral appliance include:

  • Custom fit
  • Small, lightweight, comfortable, easy to travel with
  • Much less bulky and cumbersome than a CPAP
  • Can reduce and eliminate snoring
  • Multiple designs to choose from
  • Can help with teeth grinding at night

Give Trenton Sleep Solution to call today at 318-265-4972 to set up your consultation or visit us on the web at

We have two locations to serve you:

1605 North Trenton Street

Ruston, Louisiana 71270


1100 North 18th Street Suite 100

Monroe, Louisiana 71201


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