Louisiana Tech announces Fall 2022 graduates 

The Fall 2022 Commencement Ceremony celebrates the accomplishments of 336 Louisiana Tech University graduates on November 20, in the Thomas Assembly Center. Photograph by Emerald McIntyre/Louisiana Tech University

Louisiana Tech University has announced graduates from its Fall 2022 commencement ceremonies held November 19. They are listed by town. 


Allissa Taylor Gros – Master of Science 


Kenneth Wayne Berry – Bachelor of Science Construction Engineering Technology 

Lauren B. Lee – Master of Arts 

William T. Malone – Bachelor of Arts 

Thomas Dean McCarty – Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering  

Troyce A. Parker – Bachelor of Science 

Tanner Shane Rawls – Bachelor of Science  

Roane Synclair Tidwell – Bachelor of Science 


Hannah Elizabeth Ates – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies  

Sommer Batterton – Bachelor of Science 

Leonard Bentiez Fields – Bachelor of Science Construction Engineering Technology 

Matthew B. Johnson – Master of Arts 


Megan Richardson Reitzell – Bachelor of Science 


David Michael Cason – Bachelor of Science 

Trinity Mona’ Gipson – Bachelor of Arts 

Kennedi Nicole Holtzclaw – Bachelor of Science 


Connor Hopkins Branch – Bachelor of Science  

Landon Bain Carpenter – Master of Accountancy 

Matthew Hunter Fuller – Master of Science Engineering 

Carlee Brooke McCrary – Bachelor of Science  

Elizabeth Danielle Register – Bachelor of Science 


Himanshu Anup Borse – Master of Science Engineering 


Landon M. Murphrey – Bachelor of Science  

Jacob T. Pipes – Bachelor of Science 


Anna Claire Duck – Bachelor of Science 

Mandy F. Rudd – Bachelor of Science 


Chizitara Pride Akoma – Bachelor of Science  

Ghufran Jaber Aldawood – Doctor of Philosophy 

Yahya Ali Alkadi – Bachelor of Science Biomedical Engineering  

Omar Shahrear Apu – Master of Science Engineering  

Daniel Christopher Belding – Graduate Certificate  

Aaron Christopher Billiot – Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering 

Tobie Madison Bimle – Bachelor of Science 

Matthew William Blake – Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering 

Bhargav Reddy Bobba – Master of Science Computer Science 

Breck S. Brewton – Bachelor of Science 

Parker Lee Brooks – Bachelor of Science 

Chloe Adrian Campbell – Bachelor of Arts  

Emily Grace Cook – Bachelor of Arts 

Macey Elizabeth Craighead – Bachelor of Science 

Elisabeth Jewell Dighton – Bachelor of Science  

Hannah C. Donaldson – Bachelor of Science 

Lauren N. Fogg – Master of Science Engineering  

Sarah Catherine Foster – Master of Arts Counseling and Guidance 

Ivy Lynn Gagnard – Bachelor of Science 

Ashley M. Gardner – Undergraduate Certificate 

Jace Patrick Gatlin – Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering  

Logan R. Gilbert – Bachelor of Science Industrial Engineering  

Samantha G. Gnagey – Bachelor of Science Computer Science 

Mallory Elizabeth Goss – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies 

Hebane Kettia Guehi – Bachelor of Science 

Zachary Hunter Hanks – Bachelor of Science 

Hawa Y. Hashm – Doctor of Philosophy 

Everett Joe Holder – Bachelor of Science  

Olivia Biannka Holmes – Bachelor of Science  

Surya Teja Indukuri – Master of Science Computer Science 

Lake B. Juban – Bachelor of Science 

Kady Marie Kanate – Bachelor of Science 

Desmond Sebastian Lamb – Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering  

Fan Li – Doctor of Philosophy 

Harvey Francis Marcus – Bachelor of Arts  

Reagan Noelle McBride – Bachelor of Arts  

Charles Vincent Nicolasvu – Master of Science Molecular Science and Nanotechnology 

William Tate Norman – Bachelor of Science 

Mandy N. Parker – Bachelor of Arts  

Ethan Oliver Patton – Bachelor of Science 

Cornelius L. Phillips – Bachelor of Science  

Logan James Prudhome – Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering 

Jahnavi Ravi – Master of Science Computer Science  

Halie Skye Ray – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies 

Isabel Anneliese Robinson – Bachelor of Science 

Kirby K. Rockett – Master of Accountancy  

Gerard Sapena polo – Bachelor of Science  

Grant Thomas Stephens – Bachelor of Science Forestry  

Kenneth William Sutton – Master of Business Administration  

Elana Tetruashvily – Bachelor of Arts  

Max Hayden Westgate – Bachelor of Science 

Caleb James Whitman – Bachelor of Science 

Hope Wilhite – Bachelor of Science 


Harshavardhan Vanka – Master of Business Administration