Ponderings by Doug

I have told you of my fear of Starbucks?

I drink coffee, black. That is it. No bells or whistles, a simple cup of black coffee is all I need. The other day I was in Starbucks observing things. I want to tell you about three guys in Starbucks that day.

 Guy number one had ordered hot coffee with a couple of pieces of ice in it to cool it off. Dude, blow on it or don’t try to drink it so quickly. Ordering ice in your coffee is not manly at all. Before guy number two could order, guy number one was back demanding a new cup of coffee because the barista over iced his hot coffee. I made a note of him, and I won’t say what is on my heart, because that boy is some momma’s son, bless her heart.

The next guy moved to the counter and ordered a “tall half-skinny half-1 percent extra hot split quad shot latte with whip.” I was amazed! To me it sounded like he was speaking in tongues and I was looking for interpretation, as the Bible directs. The barista understood him and made the drink. Preachers don’t like preaching after the children’s choir sings, and I don’t like ordering in Starbucks after a high-brow Starbuckian.

I was next. I did not want to order black coffee after that. So I boldly stepped out on faith and ordered….. “Hot chocolate.” I was proud that I ordered something that was out of my comfort zone. The barista looked at me with disdain for my pedestrian order. I was embarrassed and relieved at the same time.

As I was waiting for my order, another guy got up from the back wall and without closing his laptop walked out of Starbucks. He was holding a coffee and a laptop at the same time while talking on his phone. That was an amazing balancing act. But it was what he said that caught my attention.

As he walked past he said to the person on the other end, “I know that God is on my side.“ He was not saying it as an affirmation of faith, his tone was belligerent.

I wondered what his side was. If he was talking about sides, that means he was in the middle of some kind of conflict. There were at least two sides, and there could be more. Was he talking about an argument with his boss? Perhaps it was some other important person in his life. This might have been his position in a fight or a discussion with his wife. I certainly hope he was not teaming up against another Christian. We do love our little intramural spats!

It doesn’t matter what his side was or what the other side was. Saying, “I know God is on my side” is wrong. It is a selfish arrogant position to take. God does not take sides. God is not on your side. He does not care about your political position, your argument points, your philosophy, or even your theology. In those arenas, God is never on your side! Don’t say it, don’t think it, and your life will be much better.

The life changing position is, “are you on God’s side?”