Zone of Ruston provides skilled training opportunities for local athletes


Craig Moss is passionate about the youth of our community.

Moss, the owner and operator of The Zone of Ruston and Bandit Axe, has been working with area youngsters in a number of areas for years.

The Louisiana Tech graduate has served as a junior high and high school track and field and cross country coach in the area while also working closely with the local Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

And in his “spare time” he runs his own business.

Moss opened The Zone of Ruston in 2011 and then added Bandit Axe as part of the facility and business in the spring of 2021.

Located at 5131 Hwy 167 just north of the Ruston city limits (close to Vienna), The Zone of Ruston is a 15,000 square foot facility that allows natural light while providing a UV inhibitor and provides the space, equipment and resources for people of all ages to train in a variety of areas.

The facility includes four batting cages as well as pitching lanes and a complete infield.

Bottom line it’s the perfect place for area youngsters (and even college students and adults) to find instruction in an athletic realm.

“It’s all about the young athletes,” said Moss. “We train young people in a variety of areas, including speed and agility. We have seen phenomenal results over the years. We are results oriented. Our goal is to build confidence in our young athletes. We train them to understand their bodies as well as how diet and hydration play such a key role.

“We are good at what we do. I believe in giving people a great product for a great price.”

Not only does Moss provide much of the instruction, but a number of local college athletes (both baseball and softball) also teach lessons at The Zone of Ruston.

“We have brought our daughter to Craig for agility training for a few months now,” said Justin Kavalir. “Craig has a wealth of sports knowledge and expertise and the results have been immediate.  Beyond that and more important to me, Craig is a steadfast Christian, incredibly encouraging, and always upbeat for a workout.  I highly recommend him and the Zone.”  

In the spring of 2021, Craig added Bandit Axe to The Zone of Ruston. Bandit Axe is the only axe house affiliated with the World Axe Throwing League (WATL).

Bandit Axe offers 12 throwing lanes in a family-friendly environment perfect for dates, birthday parties, group outings, team bondings, and all kinds of celebrations. Each booked event includes a personal coach that will teach participants how to throw axes, ninja stars, saw blades, tomahawks, knives, machetes and more.

“It’s a great place to have a lot of fun,” said Moss. “We cater to families. We cater to children. We cater to groups … church groups, business groups. You name it. We have done several team building events that have gone incredibly well. It’s fun activities for everyone.”

For more information on The Zone of Ruston and/or Bandit Axe or to book events or lessons, call 318-254-1111.