Letter to the Editor: Open letter to LPPJ

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Written by Cecil Barham (Lincoln Parish Resident)

Open letter to eight members (you know who you are) of the Lincoln Parish Police Jury,

I know all of you are extremely busy, hopefully taking calls from your constituents for your utterly contemptible behavior at your January 10, 2023, meeting. I am a life-long resident of Lincoln Parish, and I have never witnessed such conduct by a public body. When the police jury operates in such an unscrupulous manner, it is extremely difficult to respect that body. One doesn’t have to go to Washington to see incompetence in elected officials.

You were elected to represent your district. Did you poll any of these people? Or was your vote a self-serving one? If Mr. Postel’s job performance was so bad, why was there such a large group of parish employees showing their support for him?

What are you looking for in the next parish administrator? Someone you can manipulate? I have a suggestion. Don’t waste the time of the Personnel Committee. Let one person (you all know who that person is) make the decision. All of you will vote the way this person tells you to vote anyway.

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