LPL Board Compensation Committee meets on multiple potential changes

Pictured from left to right are Courtney Hall, Richard Durrett, Jeremy Bolom. Amy Miller and Mary Jo Cooper during Thursday’s Lincoln Parish Board of Control Compensation Committee Meeting. (Photo by T. Scott Boatright)

By T. Scott Boatright

The Lincoln Parish Library Board of Control’s Compensation Committee met Thursday in the Jack Beard Room of the LPL.

There were only three items on the meeting agenda — the library’s hiring policy, compensation plan/pay schedule, and discussion on a position for assistant director.

Attending the meeting were LPL Board of Control President Amy Miller, committee members Richard Durrett and Mary Jo Cooper, LPL Director Jeremy Bolom and Lincoln Parish Administrator Courtney Hall.

The committee tabled discussions on amending the LPL’s hiring policy, which has a proposal to add a section on vacancies among other changes, until Hall had time to thoroughly review the proposed new policy, which the committee agreed to meet about next week 30 minutes before the regular monthly meeting of the LPL Board Control.

During Thursday’s committee meeting, members agreed on recommending amendments to LPL employee classifications, including bringing back a position for assistant director, which is currently vacant.

“I do at the board meeting next meeting want to get these policies approved if we can — and I don’t know that we need board approval,  but I want them to anyway — to get the assistant director position done so we can start advertising and get that done,” Miller said.

“Then we’ll do a report on the compensation plan and see if we want to approve it with the budget.”

Also agreed on were recommendations for employee classifications that if passed by the full board would start with an associate, with increasing levels of assistant, specialist, coordinator, manager, managerial specialist, administrator, assistant director and director.

The committee also discussed the library’s compensation plan/pay schedule, agreeing to bring Bolom’s recommendations, with any raises being figured using a 2.5% incremental scale.

Previously there had been no set pay scale.

Hall did say that if the full Board approves the recommended pay scale, any adjustments should be toward a higher hourly rate.

“You don’t want to go back with any adjustments, and this way it will be set (in approved written policy)  moving forward,” Hall said.

Bolom’s recommendations said that employees may be hired at a rate less than a decided starting salary, which would be granted to employees after an employee completes a probationary evaluation period.

The full LPL Board  meeting will be held at 5 p.m. next Thursday in the library’s meeting room, during which the compensation committee’s recommendations will be discussed.