CHS Talented Art Class Showcased Drawings in Art Show

(Photo Credit: Reggie McLeroy)

Written by Emma Stone

Choudrant High School’s auditorium was filled with black and white pencil drawings made by students from eighth to twelfth

Since this week was the last week for CHS seniors, they pitched the idea of displaying the artwork they made over the last two
school years.

Reggie McLeroy, CHS art teacher, agreed for the seniors to show as many pieces as they wanted to and gathered the drawings.

“As an artist, everyone wants the world to see what they can do,” said McLeroy. “It gives them the opportunity to showcase
their artwork for other people to see.” Middle school and high school classes were able to view the art during their lunch periods on Monday, May 1.

The show featured chosen artwork with pencil shading and detail that students made throughout the school year.

“I feel like their pencil work really shows creative ability and technique,” said McLeroy.

The talented art class was started by Christopher Jones, new CHS principal.

“One of my goals as the principal of Choudrant High School is to expand our arts programs,” said Jones. “My vision is to find an
area of all students to excel and share their talent with the world.”

Parents were able to view the artwork from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. with a question and answer at the end.

“The work that the students did this year has generated a lot of excitement and interest in those areas,” said Jones.

Students were given the option to provide a brief statement about their chosen piece(s) and McLeroy hopes to continue to
showcase student’s art.