Suspects arrested on warrants

A woman and a man from Ruston were arrested on outstanding warrants after they were stopped for a traffic violation Sunday.

Tranell Irving, 40, was stopped by Ruston Police on West California Avenue just before midnight Sunday night. A records check showed Irving was wanted on three warrants from Ruston City Court and a warrant from Dallas County, Texas for a narcotics violation. Irving was also driving while his license was suspended. 

A passenger, Michelle Castro-Harris, 29, of Ruston was found to be wanted on two warrants from Ruston City Court and a felony warrant from Texas for possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

A drug dog was brought to the scene and alerted to drugs in the vehicle. A digital scale and other drug paraphernalia were discovered in the glove compartment. Officers found a bag with suspected cocaine residue in Castro-Harris’s purse. Castro-Harris told a female officer at the scene that she had a glass smoking pipe concealed on her body and was allowed to remove the contraband herself.

Castro-Harris was booked at the Lincoln Parish Detention Center for failure to appear in Ruston City Court for theft less than $1,000 and simple criminal damage to property under $500, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Irving was booked for possession of drug paraphernalia and the three warrants.

This information has been provided by a law enforcement agency as public information. Persons named or shown in photographs or video as suspects in a criminal investigation, or arrested and charged with a crime, have not been convicted of any criminal offense and are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.