Old Navy site seeing progress

By Kyle Roberts and Malcolm Butler

Ruston’s newest chain clothier is moving forward with construction as the opening for Old Navy on the north side of the interstate is coming closer to completion.

“Old Navy will give the city of Ruston another great retailer that will bring people to our city,” Ruston mayor Ronny Walker said. “This is just another piece of the retail space that has made Ruston the shopping hub of North Louisiana.”

Located at the west end of the Woodward shopping center, the Old Navy clothing store is currently on pace to open sometime in the first half of 2024.

Currently, Bob Snelling out of Augusta, Ga., is the builder providing the shell site for Old Navy to set up shop in Ruston.

Old Navy will then come in and turn the site into its own clothing store, preferring to lease the property rather than buy it outright.

According to past trends, the company also does not prefer to open stores in the calendar months of November or December, thus the first quarter of 2024 is considered the most recent timeline for a possible opening.

Originally founded in 1994, Old Navy is an affordable clothing company owned by multinational corporation Gap Inc.