Introducing Geaux Macros

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The following is a Q&A with Geaux Macros founders Jana Beck and Emery Wilkerson.

1) How did GeauxMacros get started?

After months of helping friends and family with tips and guidance on counting macros, we officially launched Geaux Macros in January of 2019. Everyone is eating macros whether they realize it or not. We teach our clients how to ensure a proper balance of each macronutrient to reach their goals, whether that is to lose weight, maintain, or gain muscle mass.

2) What makes this type of lifestyle change so successful for weight loss?

Who wouldn’t want to eat food that you like and lose/maintain weight?! With macros, nothing is off limits. No food group, no specific food. If you want to eat something, it’s entirely possible to enjoy it & still reach your goals. Being able to enjoy food that you actually like allows you to stay on track and step off of the roller coaster that is typical of a diet. Counting macros is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. It’s simply making sure that you are eating the correct balance of protein, fat and carbs.

3) Why did you and Jana start this? What did you do before GM?

Geaux Macros began with a huge desire to share the world of counting macros with other people! It’s such a great way to eat and a sustainable lifestyle, we wonder why everyone doesn’t do it! While people are looking for a magic pill, we feel like we have the magic answer to weight loss and maintenance!

Over the years, Jana has been involved in coaching fitness classes and personal training. She found that her clients were also looking for nutrition guidance to go along with their fitness goals.

Emery discovered counting macros and had great success. She found herself being asked repeatedly how she lost weight and was often sharing about macros and how it worked. In the fall of 2018, we began discussing ideas and by January 2019, we were taking clients.

We are both certified nutrition coaches and Jana is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Doctor of Chiropractic.  

4) How can people join?

Please visit our website for information and to sign up for macro coaching. We would love to have you!

Visit Geaux Macros here to begin your journey to better eating and a more healthy lifestyle.