Police jury candidates offer reasons for running in forum

Lincoln Parish Police Jury candidates from District 9, 10, and 11 gathered at a second public forum Tuesday night. Here is the final question: Why should voters elect you? See their responses below.

Morris “MoLove” Winters – District 10: “I’m for the people. I’ve always been for the people. I understand business. These qualifications I already have. Win or lose, I’m still going to be involved and still work with the entire jury; not just the juror of my district. I’m going to get involved regardless, because I have businesses in Districts 1 and 2, in the Grambling area. I have businesses in other districts, so with that being said, I’m all for Lincoln Parish. Regardless if I’m representing District 10 or not, I’m still going to be part of this jury, because we have to be seen somewhere involved and speaking for the constituents.”

Gary “Wayne” Baldwin – District 10: “I’m the right choice. As Mr. Winters stated, I’ve been to every meeting I could be and voiced my opinion in a lot of situations. I do not throw anyone under the bus. I just come direct from the hip because the people asked me to speak out and be their voice, because they know that I love each and every person I meet. I have no enemies. The time has come where we need to step up and let others know how much we care for each other. And my people down there know I care for them. Like it was said in the beginning, I give food to the elderly. Every time I go to Arcadia, I bring it back to Ruston and pass food around to the elderly. I do what I can for all the people. That’s why I said I’m the best choice.

Milton Melton – District 10: “It’s simple. I’m qualified and have the experience. I’m knowledgeable, and I’m the best man for the job.”

Joe Henderson – District 9: “I know I’m the best qualified person for the job, based on my experience knowing budgets, finances, government rules, mandates, taxes and millages, how they are calculated. I know how to carry out budgets and how to plan for budgets. And we’ve all got to remember something: every tax dollar is dedicated to something. You can’t just spend money because you have it. You have to spend it based on what the people say you can spend it on… You can’t move money between budgets. If it’s dedicated, you have to spend it just for that. I’m the best qualified person because of my experience and knowledge.”

Nakisha Evans – District 9: “I’ve been a homeowner since the age of 26 years old. What young person do you know that spends money on a home at the age of 26? I purchased my first car at the age of 17 after getting my GED. I purchased my second property eight years ago in District 9. Why not vote for someone who knows what a budget looks like and is very responsible? Who knows how to spend their money?”

Sharyon Mayfield – District 11: “I am experienced, qualified and knowledgable. And I think I know practically everyone in my area of Ruston, but I’ve tried to get out and meet the people. So I think I’m qualified, I have the knowledge, and I have the experience.”

Diane Richards – District 11: “With my finance and tax professional skills, I would be a good steward of the taxpayers’ money. Also, I have researched and know that Highway 818 is a state road. I am aware and I know that I can take care of that road for District 11. I’ve talked to the right people, and if I’m elected, that’s going to be the first thing on the agenda: to take care of Highway 818.”

Patsy Candler – District 11: “Voters should elect me because I’m qualified, I’m knowledgable, and I have experience. I’ve sat on multiple boards. One of the boards, I’m the treasurer that oversees a multimillion-dollar grant. So I understand grants. I understand budgets. When I look at a budget, I’m not going to be lost, because I know there are issues in the budget that are earmarked… You can’t do whatever you want to do with a budget. But I will be able to discern what is for my district when I look at it. I will be able to ensure that they will get all of the money that’s been earmarked for District 11 for roads or what have you. I will be sure it is spent in the correct manner. And I will be a good steward over your finances. I’m going to be watching over your finances. I’m qualified to sit on any board and any committee that this police jury has right now. You don’t find many people ready to come through the door with all of the qualifications that I have.”