See the up-to-date GeauxPreps Football Power Ratings

Here are the latest Power Ratings for the Non-Select Division I football schools. These are used to determine playoff seeding at the end of the regular season.

Click HERE to see the complete list for each Select and Non-Select Division, including where Ruston (Non-Select Division I), Cedar Creek (Select Division IV) and Lincoln Preparatory (Select Division IV) are ranked.



The changes the LHSAA made to the Power Ratings formula a few years back will have coaches and fans alike wondering why your calculations do not match GeauxPreps.

The top reason for mismatches is calculating Opponents’ Win points. Win Points are no longer just a straight up number of Wins by teams you have played. Points are now based on the number of wins vs number of games played. This was done to make up for playing opponents who did not play a full 10-game schedule.  

See the summary below on how PR is calculated:

  • Result of Game: If you win, you get 10 Power Points. If you lose, you get none.
  • Classification: If your opponent is in a higher class, you get 2 points for each class higher
  • Opponents Wins: To calculate opponents wins: divide the number of wins by total games played, and multiple by 10.
  • Add these three components, and this is the PR for that specific game played.
  • Do this for all games played, add them all up, and then divide that total by the number of games you played.
  • You can compare your calculations with ours by looking at the Team Schedules Pages, there you will see how many points we calculated for each matchup.

Another major factor that causes mismatches, is Out of State opponents.  We strive to make sure that we have to most accurate Win/Loss record for each out of state opponent. Since schools enter the W/L records for their OOS opponents, and because we don’t know how the schools get their record, we often are off on several matchups.

In addition, a team’s strength factor shall be determined by adding the sum of the opponent’s class to the sum of the opponent’s wins and dividing the result by the total number of games played. The strength factor is used when a tie exists between two or more teams and a head-to-head matchup does not exist. auto-generates its Power Ratings every two hours for football. If you think that you have seen an error or have any other questions, please contact