A flight of fancy

By Brad Dison Mary and her husband, George, attended a dinner party at Anna’s home.  Anna’s husband was away on business so she convinced her brother, Hall, to be her escort at the formal affair.  It was a big to-do.  All of the men wore dress suits or tuxedos.  The women wore “dinner dresses,” which differed from evening party … Continue reading A flight of fancy

Paul’s payload 

By Brad Dison Paul was born in Quincy, Illinois, in 1915.  Five years later, Paul and his family moved to Davenport, Iowa, where Paul’s father became a candy wholesaler.  In 1924, Paul and his family moved to Hialeah, Florida, a principal city of the Miami metropolitan area.  By this time, Paul’s father was a partner in the Tibbets … Continue reading Paul’s payload 

Sam’s Friend

 By Brad Dison Two guys walked into a bar… actually it was a tavern called the “House of Lords” in New York City. The date was Friday, April 7, 1865. Sam and his friend had been close since they were children. In the tavern, Sam and his friend “drank considerably” and discussed Abraham Lincoln’s second … Continue reading Sam’s Friend

Concerned Kerri

By Brad Dison Kerri Rawson was born in Wichita, Kansas, in 1978.  She had a happy childhood with loving parents and good friends.  When Kerri was about 10 years old, she and her parents watched a news report on local tv about a serial killer in Wichita, her hometown.  The news anchor briefly told of the murders, explained … Continue reading Concerned Kerri

Riot in Milan

  By Brad Dison   On Friday evening, October 1, 1970, thousands of people gathered at the Palazzo Dello Sportin (Sport Palace) in Milan, Italy.  People peacefully entered the event center until suddenly, 30 minutes before the event was scheduled to begin, security personnel closed and locked the doors.  The crowd outside, which numbered around 2,000, was unsure why the … Continue reading Riot in Milan

Oscar at Sea

By Brad Dison In May of 1941, several months before the United States officially entered World War II, Nazi Germany’s battleship Bismarck and a heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen scoured the Atlantic Ocean on a raiding mission to thwart Allied shipping between the United States and Great Britain. On May 24, the two ships entered into … Continue reading Oscar at Sea

Sweet Kiss

By Brad Dison Frank Hayes was an apprentice jockey originally from Ireland. Rather than a full-fledged jockey, Frank was employed as a stable hand and horse trainer. In 1923, the 20-year old had been working with horses for about five years, had raced only occasionally, and had never won a race. Frank’s passion was to … Continue reading Sweet Kiss

The Gentleman’s Last Flight

By Brad Dison On Friday afternoon, July 31, 1964, two gentlemen, 39-year-old James Travis and 30-year-old Dean Manuel, left Batesville, Arkansas, in a single-engine, four-seat Beechcraft 35-B33 Debonair airplane. Travis piloted the plane he had rented from the Southeastern Beechcraft Co. at Berry Field in Nashville, Tennessee. After taking off from the regional airport at … Continue reading The Gentleman’s Last Flight