Ponderings by Doug

I work in Ruston. I live in the Gibsland-Mt.Lebanon metroplex.

Last December I noticed a dog at the Gibsland-Athens exit on the Interstate. I thought she was a stray that was wandering around. A day or two later, I saw her again. She seemed to be hanging around the exit as though she were waiting for someone to return. She was a brindle Pitbull. I inquired of the other dog lovers in town and discovered she had been at the Interstate exit since November. She wouldn’t let anyone close to her. My heart hurt for the lost and alone dog.

New Year’s Day, I drove north to the Interstate exit with the bag of dogfood. The dog and I had a feeding session. I fed. She ate. She was having nothing to do with me. She would not come close. There was no aggression but an abundance of distance. I did manage to capture a photograph of her. Exit Puppy She looks a bit intimidating. After all, she is a Pitbull. Everyone knows how Pitbulls are!

January progressed. The Pitbull suddenly had a partner, Buddy the Beagle. Buddy is an habitual canine escape artist. Buddy was also limping badly but always with the Pitbull. Now there was an abandoned dog and a
lame dog.

Our weather has been miserable lately. Our weather and the dogs started gnawing on me. Since I made friend with Buddy, the Pitbull would come close enough for me to pet. She didn’t speak to me for a week after I caught Buddy and retuned him home. Buddy’s leg is on the mend and his wandering ways have been neutered, or fixed. You know.

I built a tarp shelter for the dog. The first one was destroyed the first night. I went to Lowe’s and bought a better tarp. Someone stole the better tarp. I bought a third tarp and build yet another doggy shelter. Then as the weather became colder, I made a floor for the doggy shelter. There is a mound of cedar shavings at the Interstate doggy shelter.

During shelter building, I was feeding her. Each day I showed up between 530 and 600. Each day she would tolerate me a bit longer.

I formulated a “catch the dog” plan. Saturday, I sat down in front of her doggy shelter and she came up and sat beside me. She then laid down and rolled over and we had tummy rubs. Then, as if to remove all doubt, she stood up, adjusted, and laid down on my lap. I needed no further hints.

I scooped the dog up. Took her home. She has made friends with our other two animals. She has made friends with the humans in the house. She has learned how to use the doggy door. She is a super sweet snuggle baby. She should have a litter of Beagle Bulls about March 10th, in case you are interested.

The Pitbull tugged at my heart. She still does. We have named her Maggie.



She reminded me that sometimes people must feel lost and abandoned. Sometimes we have been failed by those we love and even the church. We feel all alone in a dangerous place with bad weather coming. We need someone who will not give up; who will keep wooing and keep working toward reconciliation.

We need a savior. His name is Jesus.

He told us about rescuing those who were lost and called us to follow Him in that activity.

Who is tugging on your heart? Do you know someone who is lost and alone?

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