A message from Sheriff Stephen Williams

On Saturday, February 13th, at approximately 5PM, the temperature in Lincoln Parish dropped to 32 degrees. For the next 141 hours, temperatures would not rise above that mark. As the temperatures continued to drop, the call volumes began to rise. Over the next 8 days, the men and women of the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office responded to over 500 additional calls for service caused by the winter storm. Deputies logged hundreds of miles transporting front line workers to and from work.

When the sick and elderly needed medication, our deputies volunteered to deliver them. When motorists were stranded on Interstate 20 for days at a time, our deputies began delivering water and MRE’s. Deputies assigned to LPDC responded to work with overnight bags and remained on location for the duration of their tour- leaving their families behind. Not once did I hear a single complaint. What I saw was a family of deputies working together to serve the community they love. There are no words to express my gratitude for their dedication to Lincoln Parish.

To all of those who delivered food and refreshments to our office- Brister’s Smokehouse, Ponchatoulas, Southern Classic Chicken, In-N-Out Donuts, Log Cabin Grill & Market, Renee Hunt, Ann Marie Faile, Representative Chris Tuner, we simply can not thank you enough. Your unwavering support for this office is greatly appreciated.

To all of those who worked side by side with us –Lincoln Parish Fire Department, Lincoln Parish Police Jury, Lincoln Parish Office of Homeland Security, Ruston Police and Fire, Louisiana State Police, wrecker companies, utility companies, and all neighboring agencies, thank you for your tireless efforts during this historical event.

Over the last 8 months, the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office has faced many obstacles from the COVID-19 Pandemic, Hurricane Laura, and now this unprecedented winter storm. Through it all, I continue to witness this group of extraordinary men and women go above and beyond for their fellow man. Thank you again for your service to our great parish!

Stephen Williams
Lincoln Parish

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