Ponderings by Doug – March 12, 2021

During Snowmageddon, we tried to keep our bird feeders full. The birds were appreciative of our care for them while the world was snowed bound. We saw birds we’d never witnessed at the feeders. Many of you were doing the same thing, because that weekend when we finally ventured out, none of our usual places had bird seed. Since that week, we have kept some extra bird seed on hand. The birds have become numerous at the feeders.

All three feeders hang outside the kitchen window so my mother-in-law can watch when the birds show up at mealtime. There are also numerous squirrels who participate in our feeding program voraciously. When the feeders are empty there is an avian uprising outside the kitchen window. It is a pleasurable task filling the feeders. Yesterday, I refilled the feeders.

Later in the afternoon, I had a conversation with the yard guy. As I listened, I noticed that a mouse came out of the carport shed and went straight to the place where I had filled the bird feeders. I left a bit of a trail when filling the feeders. The mouse would dart out, grab a corn kernel and then run back into the shed.

The shed has nothing of food significance in it. We assembled it under our carport to store lawn stuff. Grandchildren stuff has made its way into this shed too. There is one very happy mouse living in the shed. If the mouse has done this every time, I filled the bird feeders, it is a well-nourished mouse.

I’m glad I’m serving the mouse good food. We are not worried about a mouse in the house. We have ways of making sure our living space is mouse-less. One of our dogs has rat-terrier in her. We have a don’t ask, don’t tell mouse policy with the dog.

I have pondered the mouse. Years ago, I would have seen the mouse as needing immediate eradication. I would have spread traps and poisons all over the shed. I would have stopped feeding the birds, because they were contributing to my seed spilling which was creating a mouse problem. The mouse would have been a goal to accomplish, a challenge to meet, and a varmint to be conquered.

Yesterday, I saw a cute mouse taking advantage of some spilled bird seed. The mouse caused me to smile and I enjoyed watching it go back and forth from the shed to the seed spill. I realized my perception has undergone a rodent revival.

You can have the same change with people. They are not making your line longer, moving slowly, ignoring social distancing, or in your way. They are children of God loved by Jesus. Perhaps dealing with people would be more pleasurable when we realize we are all a part of God’s marvelous mysterious creation.
What would happen to our human interactions if they were framed with a divine curiosity and appreciation?

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