Three ordinances passed by Grambling City Council

By T. Scott Boatright

An ordinance aimed at eliminating loitering in the parking lots of bars, clubs and liquor stores within city limits as well was one of three passed by the Grambling City Council during its monthly March meeting.

Grambling’s Board of Aldermen also approved ordinances creating a “North Grambling Economic Development District” along with an ordinance creating a “Grambling Progressive Economic Development District” during that meeting.

Those ordinances were passed in hopes of taking advantage of new hotel and restaurant taxes Mayor Edward Jones hopes might come to fruition in the near future.

“There are still some things being worked out, so I can’t say much about all of it right now,” Jones said. “But I do hope we’ll have much more to say about it soon. We’re working hard to try to make some good things happen.”

Ensuring that Grambling residents have safe and potable water is something else Jones and the city council are working on.

That came when the council granted approval for Jones to begin the process of investigating the possibility of purchasing three lots, one with a house on it, on Gum Street in hopes of providing better security for Water Wells 5 and 6.

Both water wells 5 and 6 are adjoining the property Jones would like to investigate the potential of purchasing.

“You have to gather information, including getting an appraisal, before trying to purchase, and that’s all I’m asking for right now — approval to begin that process of information gathering,” Jones said. “After that we’ll be able to make an intelligent decision about whether or not we need to purchase the property.”

Jones said that the owners of the property, including the house, have indicated a willingness to sell the property should the city consider purchasing it.

“I’m asking that the city consider purchasing this property so we can secure our two (water) wells for both present and future use,” Jones said. “Right now we really don’t have any secure protection against anyone invading our wells. So if it can be worked out I would like for us to investigate purchasing the property, putting up locked gating around it and even putting cameras around the property so if anyone tried to enter it the police would be able to quickly react and make sure our water supply is secure.

“Well No. 5 has a generator but Well No. 6 does not, so I would like to get a generator for Well No. 6 to be proactive — just to ensure that if we have a tornado or another ice storm, or whatever emergency we might face, that the city of Grambling is secure. This is just gathering information to see if it would be feasible for the city to purchase.”

Jones indicated that part of his concern is being able to assure city workers have permission to traverse the property should work needs to be done on the wells, particularly work involving heavy equipment and that the home located on the property could be used for storage and other uses as opposed to being a residence.”

The Grambling City Council also approved a pair of proclamations for the month of April per requests from the state of Louisiana.

One is a proclamation acknowledging the week of April 5-9 as Community Development Week in the state of Louisiana while the other is a proclamation acknowledging April 2021 as Fair Housing Month in the state of Louisiana.


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