Ruston man charged with battery on police officer

By T. Scott Boatright

A Ruston man remained in the Lincoln Parish Detention Center on a $36,500 bond Tuesday after being arrested on multiple charges at 6:54 p.m. Saturday.

The event began when Ruston Police responded to a call to find a patient who had left Northern Louisiana Medical Center while being mentally evaluated under a Physician’s Emergency Certificate (PEC).

A PEC allows law enforcement personnel to detain a person against their will for up to 72 hours.

Mangham’s arrest affidavit said that RPD officers found Jermichael Deneal Mangham, who is 30 and was listed as residing at 1008 S. Maple St., near the NLMC and transported him back to the hospital, where he was returned to a hospital bed.

When NLMC staff told Mangham he needed to put on a hospital gown, the affidavit says that Mangham began saying that he was not going to take his clothes off and started using profane language toward the medical staff.

The affidavit says that Mangham then began taking “an aggressive stance” toward the medical staff and that a RPD officer stepped in and advised Mangham to get back into the hospital bed, and that Mangham refused to do so.

When the RPD officer grabbed Mangham by the shirt and “placed him back onto the bed,” Mangham reportedly balled up his fist and bagan kicking out at the officer.

The affidavit said Mangham then began fighting two officers and was taken to the ground. Mangham then allegedly began kicking one of the officers as they attempted to put him into mechanical restraints.

When a third officer entered the room and advised Mangham she was going to tase him if he did not cooperate, he reportedly began fighting with all three officers.

The affidavit says at that point the third officer then tased Mangham with a drive stun to his right side, and after that Mangham then began complying with officers’ commands and was placed in restraints.

After being advised his Miranda Rights, the affidavit says that Mangham said he did not understand his Miranda Rights but could not specify which part(s) he did not understand.

Mangham was then transported to the Lincoln Parish Detention Center and booked on charges of battery of an officer, resisting an officer with force or violence three times, and disturbing the peace (language).

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