Ponderings by Doug — March 26, 2021

If you want to succeed in business, life, church, marriage, and in your faith you must learn to communicate. In business with customers, in church with congregants, in marriage with your partner and in faith with your God, these are the points at which we must communicate clearly. When things start falling apart in any realm, look first at the message you are communicating to the other and see if you don’t find a solution. It is all about communication.

Once, I confess that I took my dogs to have them shaved. We had two Labrador retrievers and in the spring and fall we shaved them. Because the dogs were inside primarily and were “pettin” dogs, there was no need for them to keep that waterproof coat that Labs have. Besides in the spring they were really Shedador Retrievers. They each shed a small poodle’s worth of hair daily in the every spring. We took the dogs to a place that claimed it was about “Smart Pets.”

Well, you know the place and I don’t want to get into trouble with our friendly sponsors. I drove many miles with the dogs to have them shaved. I made an appointment to have them shaved. I arrived on time for the dog’s shaving appointment. They told me to come back in four hours and the task would be completed. Have you ever tried to kill four hours in Alexandria, Louisiana?

When I came back to get my dogs, the nice lady said, “We are almost finished blow drying them.”

“Why are you blow drying them,” I asked?

“Because we gave them a bath.”

“Why did you give a dog you have just shaved a bath?”

“Oh, we didn’t shave your dogs. You had an appointment to have your dogs bathed.”

Moments like that just make you want to cuss.

Now I know I have a southern accent, but “shaved” and “bathed” don’t sound alike even when I say them. I had two very shiny Labs, who went a week later to have their nice shiny coats shaved off. We checked that time with the nice lady to make sure we all understood why the dogs were there!

When things in your life seem to be falling apart, perhaps you need to check the messages you are communicating.

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