Journal moving to five-day publishing schedule

By T. Scott Boatright

Today the Lincoln Parish Journal is shifting to a five-day, Monday through Friday publishing schedule.

And even more is planned for the fall and the start of next football season.

“This is simply a chance to continue serving the people of Lincoln Parish, and to be able to do so through this new and exciting format is gratifying beyond belief,” said Lincoln Parish Journal Publisher and Managing Editor T. Scott Boatright. “Our goal is to provide Lincoln Parish residents with the news and information they need, when they need it, on real-time platforms, free of charge. This format provides a ‘get it now’ aspect, cost-free to the consumer, convenient by using a cell phone, receiving an email, and accessing social media. It’s the antidote to corporate retreat from news and sports reporting in local communities, and we continue providing more and more coverage that hasn’t been possible before to bring live events and breaking news to our audience.”

“The Lincoln Parish Journal wants to be the preeminent, ‘go-to’ news source for Lincoln Parish, and we intend to make that happen.”


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