The Day After

By Chris Craig, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Ruston, LA

Yesterday was Easter, the greatest day ever for those who follow Jesus, and in my opinion, the greatest day period. Today is the day after. And if you think about it, the day after is sort of anti-climactic. This really should not be the case.

December 8, 1941 is not near as memorable a date in U.S. history as Dec. 7. If you need a reminder, Dec. 7 is the day Pearl Harbor was attacked. But if you think about it, Dec. 8 is a day when our country began to plot a strategy of war and defense that would impact the world, and all of our history.

I remember Sept. 11, 2001, very well. I remember where I was when our country was attacked. I remember watching the planes fly into the Twin Towers in New York City. I remember that day very well. Honestly, I don’t remember Sept. 12, 2001, very well, but I can tell you it was a day when our country was plotting a new path that was going to once again affect our country and world profoundly.

The day after the “big” day does not ever seem as important, but maybe it should.

Yes, today is the day after Easter. As a pastor Easter is the Super Bowl and World Series all wrapped up in one. It is the day we celebrate our Jesus coming back to life and fulfilling all that had to happen to make salvation possible. So maybe today all Christians should be a little down after the high from yesterday.

But I don’t think that should be the case! In fact, that first Monday after Jesus arose from the dead had to be the second greatest day in the lives of the earliest followers of Christ. Jesus was alive, everything they had placed their faith and hope in was true! They would never be the same. And I am sure it was very evident by the smile on their faces, and the joy in their hearts.

What about you this “day after”? I hope you had a great Easter. I hope you have a great personal relationship with Jesus. But if you had a rough day yesterday, or if you do not know Christ personally, today is the day. It is the day after Easter, and it is a day when you can find a new joy in your walk with Christ. It is a day when you can find a relationship with Him personally. In fact, the fact Jesus arose from the dead Sunday, you can know for sure He is alive and well on Monday!

Yes, today is the “day after.” But Christ is alive, and He is looking for you. Let Him find you today!

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