LPPJ logo to get facelift

By T. Scott Boatright

The Lincoln Parish Police will have a new look after officially adopting a new logo during Tuesday night’s monthly meeting.

That new logo will be used on LPPJ vehicles, promotional materials, apparel, business cards, and equipment such as dumpsters, signage, and the like.

The new logo is basically an update of the current LPPJ logo featuring an outline of Lincoln Parish but will not include the state seal. The state seal will continue to be on official LPPJ stationary. Inside the outline of the parish boundaries will be a map of Louisiana as well as the wording “Lincoln Parish Police Jury.”

LPPJ vehicles will include the new LPPJ logos on the sides of each vehicle with the identification numbers of the back of each vehicle.

Ten of 12 police jurors voted in favor of the new logo design out of three choices with District 11 juror Sharyon Mayfield and District 12 juror Annette Straughter choosing another option during polling.

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