GSU post-baccalaureate advanced supervision certificate program approved

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Louisiana’s Board of Regents recently approved an 18-hour post-baccalaureate certificate program in Advanced Supervision in the School of Social Work at Grambling State University.

The program provides a theoretical understanding of supervision and leadership and provides the knowledge and skills required to develop a supportive organizational structure and an environment that values diversity and inclusion to enrich service provision.

Enrollment in the program will be available in the fall.

The initiative is the product of a workforce development partnership with the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and the Louisiana Child Welfare Academy.

DCFS expressed an interest in a supervisory program to further develop the skills and knowledge of its supervisors as a means of increasing retention of first line staff and Grambling State’s School of Social Work agreed to pursue the development of the advanced supervisory program to help DCFS address this need.

“Social Work faculty maintain a great working relationship with state and federal agencies that provide social services,” said Connie Walton, GSU provost and vice president for academic affairs. “This relationship allows Grambling State University to assist in meeting short term and long term goals of agencies. The certificate program will allow agencies to expand the training provided to supervisors and the ability to better serve the public.”

The Advanced Supervision certificate program will be housed in the College of Professional Studies, School of Social Work. It will be overseen by the School of Social Work Title IV-E Child Welfare program coordinator Evelyn Jenkins.

In July 2020, the program received a three-year grant totaling $1,005,624 which included funding for faculty and administrative support to implement the certificate program. The Title IV-E funding provides financial support to current public child welfare staff wanting to return to school to acquire their MSW degree and students in the BSW and MSW programs who are seeking a career in the field of child welfare.

The intent of the Title IV-E Child Welfare program is to support public child welfare education and training to build and retain a competent, professional, and stable workforce to enhance the delivery of services that strengthen families and improve child well-being.

Jenkins had a career in child welfare and stated that as a former regional and state level administrator in DCFS, she is keenly aware of the work of the department as well as the knowledge and skills needed by supervisors to support front line workers and promote success in helping children and families.

“I am honored to have a role in supporting child welfare workers and those in related professions further their knowledge in supervision while also contributing to the advancement of the School of Social Work,” Jenkins said.

Jacqueline Garrison, associate dean of GSU’s School of Social Work stated that the program will aid the State of Louisiana in ensuring that the Child Welfare workforce is professionally educated, skilled, and committed to the profession.

“The work done by child welfare professionals is complex and comes with many demands,” Garrison said. “Therefore, it is important that child welfare professionals are well prepared to help ensure that all the needs of children and families are met. DCFS’s intentions of maintaining a qualified, well-trained workforce has important implications for safety and permanency goals. The School of Social Work is excited to be a part of this endeavor.”

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