Man reported to provide children with prescription pills facing multiple charges

By T. Scott Boatright

A Ruston man remained in the Lincoln Parish Detention Center after being arrested for second degree cruelty to a juvenile as well as two separate drug possession charges.

The arrest affidavit for Fredrick Blake Jr., 36, said that the Ruston Police Department was contacted around midnight Friday morning regarding an unwanted guest in an apartment on West Barnett Springs Avenue, and that upon arrival the caller met police outside the apartment as she was holding her 5-year-old son, who officers reported observing going in and out of consciousness at that time.

An RPD officer responding to the call was told by the complainant that Blake Jr. was still inside and the arrest report said that upon entering the apartment officers found Blake Jr. unclothed and laying in Williams’ bed.

Blake Jr. was told to dress and go outside of the apartment as Emergency Medical Service (EMS) personnel arrived to treat the child.

The officer reported that as the investigation continued, EMS personnel brought him a Xanax tablet of the time the complainant said her child said Blake Jr. had given him while the complainant showered after arriving home from work.

Shortly after she said she finished showering, the complainant reported that the 5-year-old began complaining of not feeling well and that she had “two faces” and began falling in and out consciousness, waking up “screaming about spiders crawling on his skin.”

The arrest affidavit says that when the complainant asked her son what had happened he told her Blake Jr. had given him a pill. The complainant advised officers that she then returned to the bedroom, where she found Blake asleep. She then reported searching his pants pockets and finding three blue pills, later identified as Xanax. The complainant told officers she flushed two of the pills down a toilet while keeping the third to show to authorities.

Officers said Blake Jr. was asked about but denied giving medication to the child. Blake Jr. consented to officers searching his vehicle, where the arrest report says that they found a small, clear plastic baggie containing several small pills suspected to be ecstasy in the center console cup holder.

Blake Jr. was then reportedly placed in restraints and asked about the pills. The arrest affidavit says that Blake told the officer he worked for the Lincoln Parish Narcotics Enforcement Team and requested a narcotics officer. The arrested RPD officer reported making contact with LPNET and was told no one knew him and that he didn’t work with them.

After the officer reported placing Blake Jr. in the back of his patrol unit, he said a further search of Blake Jr.’s vehicle revealed a small, clear plastic baggie containing 26 Xanax bars that were discovered in the sunglasses holder.

The child was transported to Northern Louisiana Medical Center with his mother for observation while Blake Jr. was taken to the LPDC and booked on the second degree cruelty to a juvenile charge along with counts of possession of a Schedule IV drug (Xanax) and a Schedule I drug (Ecstasy).

After the officer returned to NLMC to continue the investigation, he was notified by staff that two more of the children in the house during the incident had also tested positive for benzodiazepines in their system, indicating they had also ingested Xanax bars.

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