NFL Draft Q&A with Louisiana Tech’s Milton Williams

Photo courtesy of LA Tech Athletic Media Relations

The LPJ caught up with former Louisiana Tech all-conference defensive lineman Milton Williams prior to the start of the 2021 NFL Draft.

Question: What has been the most surprising part of this NFL Draft entire process?

Answer: The most surprising part for me has been the amount of teams reaching out to me. When I first came out everyone said they did not really know who I was. However, once my numbers came out from my pro day, everyone was like ‘Hold on, we need to figure out who this kid is.’ I have now had a conversation with at least one representative from every team in the league.

(Williams Pro Day Numbers: 4.62 in 40-yard dash; 34 reps on bench press; 6.87 on 3-cone; 4.33 on short shuttle; 38.5 vertical; 10.1 broad jump)

Question: Does it bother you when you see people label you as being from a “small school” or “mid-major”?

Answer: No. I feel like I could have played anywhere in the country. I wanted to play against the best teams. That is just my thing. We could have played Alabama, Texas, whoever. Whoever was in front of me they were going to have to work against me. Mid-major or not. I worked for everything I got, and I believed in my talent.

Question: What is the best piece of advice someone has given you about what to expect the next few nights?

Answer: I was talking to Amik Robertson about a week ago. He was giving me his point of view from his experience. He said do not get too high. Do not get too low. Just enjoy the moment and enjoy your family. It is all going to work out in the end. You do not know where you are going to go. Just be patient and your name is going to be called.

Question: What are you hearing from your agent or NFL scouts about where you may be drafted?

Answer: At first, I was hearing a fifth or sixth round pick. I talked to my agent a few days ago, and he is saying I have a late first or early second round grade. So late first. If not the first round, then for sure the second. That is what I am thinking going into it.

Question: Do you have a preference of where you go?

Answer: No. No preference. Whoever calls my name they are going to get my all and they are going to get someone who is ready to put in some work.

Question: Who was your favorite NFL team growing up and why?

Answer: Seattle Seahawks. I was a big video gamer when I was younger. I remember one of the first video games I played was Madden 07. Sean Alexander was on the cover. So I use to always play with the Seahawks and from that day on, I thought that was going to be my favorite team.

Question: Would it be nice to be drafted by a team close to your home so you could play close to your family?

Answer: I think it would be cool to be drafted by the Cowboys. You know the Cowboys have one of the biggest fan bases in the world. They have Cowboy fans everywhere. To be able to wear that star, that would be big.

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