NFL Draft Q&A with Grambling’s David Moore

The LPJ caught up with former Grambling All-SWAC offensive lineman David Moore, who could be picked Friday night or Saturday in the 2021 NFL Draft. Moore (6-2, 330) had a breakout week at the Reese’s Senior Bowl and expects to be chosen sometime from the late third round to early in the fifth, based on feedback from pro teams and draft analysts.

After doing 31 reps of a 220-pound bench press and running a 5.0 40-yard time at his Pro Day, Moore validated favorable impressions from his performance in Mobile. He hasn’t played in a college game since the 2019 Bayou Classic, declaring for the draft last fall, and spent most of his time recently working out in Houston.

LPJ: With your emergence at the Senior Bowl, and the Pro Day performances you had, were those the most important days to put you in position to be drafted?

MOORE: Every day has been important because every day is an opportunity to get better. The key days were (in practice) at the Senior Bowl, and on Pro Day, because a lot of pro personnel were watching. But it’s also about what you are doing when nobody’s watching. It’s about the grind to become an NFL player, and I take pride in that, working hard and trying to benefit every day.

LPJ: What has been the most unusual part of your preparation for pro football?

MOORE: The time off (from school and football) has left me with not much to do other than work out. It’s allowed me to be stress free and work on my craft. I’ve really enjoyed the process and haven’t had any distractions.

I’ve worked on bulking up and getting more lean at the same time. I needed to drop weight but add strength to play at the next level. I just take it day-by-day through the whole process. I haven’t gotten caught up in worrying about what’s going to happen. I’ll have my opportunity.

LPJ: Have you gotten any indications of what team might call your name?

MOORE: I’ve heard from most of the NFL, about 80 percent of the league. I can’t single out one particular team, because I’ve had a lot of interest from a lot of them. I’ve been told to be prepared for anything, and I might be picked up by a team that might not have talked to me a lot. I’ll be ready.

LPJ: Who has provided you with the most beneficial insight into your draft preparation and what to expect this weekend and going forward?

MOORE: Grambling alumni Trent Scott plays for the (Carolina) Panthers (a four-year OT). To have somebody I know who’s been through this process, and has made it in the NFL, has been really helpful. Just having somebody there telling me not to make certain mistakes, I’m very grateful.

LPJ: Draft projections have you at any of the three interior OL positions. Are you a center, a guard, or what?

MOORE: I’m whatever I need to be. Whatever a team needs, I can do. I can play center, I can play guard. That’s something I take pride in. I’m an athlete and can switch it up. I’ll go and do what they ask me to do, whatever’s necessary. I’ll give it my all, to the best of my abilities.

LPJ: What team would you love to hear call your name?

MOORE: My entire family would love for me to go to the Cowboys. I’ll play for any team, but my family, they are some hard-core Cowboy fans for life. If I had a choice, it would be Dallas, for them.

LPJ: Watching the reaction of players hearing their name called is priceless. How are you going to react when that childhood dream is realized?

MOORE: I’ve never thought about that. I just got back home (in Arkansas) from Houston this week. I’ll be with my family and some friends, not too many, and I’ll be sitting there, and they’ll probably be going crazy, especially my parents. I’ll enjoy their company. The next day, it’s time to get back to work.

LPJ: You made a business decision early last fall to enter the draft, ending your college career. This spring didn’t pan out for your former team. What are your thoughts?

MOORE: It’s been tough, especially knowing the history of Grambling and how we play Grambling Tiger football. You just need to take this season as a different kind of spring practice, scrimmaging against other teams, a practice season. I know the guys are young, for the most part, and I know we’ll be fully loaded in the fall, so I’m not worried about it. Getting the experience this spring will help. I hope they’ll keep their heads up, work hard and play Grambling football and they’ll get back on top this fall.

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