Ponderings — May 28, 2021

Did you know that tattoos move?

I don’t mind a well-located provocative tattoo. I think folks who are trying to turn themselves into green avatars by virtue of tattoos need to go on a cruise. One cruise is enough to keep anyone from getting a tattoo. The silly things relocate themselves. I was noticing tattoos that might have been well placed when the person was in their 20s.

Now in their 50s or 60s, that thing has gone and relocated. A tattoo on the bicep will fall and hang off the end of the flabby upper arm. Tattoos once located on the abdomen end up in all sorts of very strange places. I saw one guy that had one that had moved to his side, or he was really drunk when he received the original ink.

Others had outgrown their tattoos. This one guy had “born to raise hell” tattooed on what once was his chest. He was not very threatening with his beer gut walking around on that walker. If you are considering a tattoo that describes you, you’d better hope that description is apt in your golden years!

I met one guy who was engaged once to a girl named Alicia. Her name was tattooed on his right upper chest. His pecks, I believe they are called. Alicia broke up with him and broke his heart. He said he had three options regarding his tattoo.

He could have it removed over the course of a couple of years. That would separate him from a big chunk of money. He could find a girl whose name would allow him to transform “Alicia” into the name of the new girl.

His tattoo would look funny and his new girl would probably have a very strange name. He could find another Alicia. I suggested the best course of action was reconciliation with Alicia. By the look on his face, I could tell he had not considered that option. Sometimes we preachers can see other options for folks!

I have two points for you to ponder.

First, the Apostle Paul said, “And the parts we regard as less honorable are those we clothe with the greatest care. So we carefully protect from the eyes of others those parts that should not be seen…” That is from I Corinthians 12 if you want to read the rest of the passage. People on cruise ships have no modesty. There were some folks who simply should not be seen outside in a bathing suit. They did allow me to see their tattoos though. My eyes have been damaged by people on that ship whose parts should never be seen except by medical professionals! You can bet all my preacher parts were covered. If those “less honorable parts” bother you, then stay off the beach and cruise ships!

Second, there were some young folks who had overtly Christian tattoos. Because of their youth, the tattoos were properly located and hadn’t moved; yet! They had Jesus and His symbols tattooed all over their bodies. I hope they wear “Him” faithfully. It would not be good if someone with a Jesus tattoo was seen doing something un-Jesus like.

Come to think of it, we have all been spiritually tattooed. Paul wrote to the Galatians, “… I bear on my body the marks that show I belong to Jesus.” When we decide to follow Jesus, we carry His “mark” in our hearts and on our lives.

You have been tattooed by the grace of God in Jesus Christ.

Now go and live out YOUR tattoo faithfully. Remember that tattoo is where everyone can see it!

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