Ponderings – June 4, 2021

I took a shortcut through Walmart this morning. I was on my way to the doggie treat section. If you want a growing stock, I suggest the doggie treat industry because I am single-handedly causing a growth in the industry. Our dogs like certain treats and it seems Walmart is always “out of them.”

The short cut took me through the toy section. I have not been in the toy section in years. I found myself squarely in the place where children still drag their parents. At least I hope kids still drag their parents to the toy section. I know the video game section is also a big draw for the kids.

Anyway, this nice boy and his mom were standing there in the toy section. She had pulled a toy off the shelf that she was going to purchase for the little boy. She handed the toy to the little boy and he said to his mom, “I don’t want that one.”

The nice little boy was very polite and very nice about it. I’m guessing that mom picked out the wrong superhero or something. I didn’t stay long enough to see if the toy selection came to a successful conclusion or not. I hope the little boy received the toy he desired. He was certainly polite and nice in helping his mom pick the correct toy.

Here’s the thing though. He was receiving a gift, yet he wanted to decide which gift he wanted to receive.
I wonder how many times God has tried to send us His love and grace and we, by word or deed, have said to God, “I don’t want that one.”

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