Chamber Spotlight: Victoria Sullivan

Victoria Sullivan is a Board member and Ambassador with the Ruston-Lincoln Chamber of Commerce. She works as a Market Development Specialist, Mortgage Loan Originator and CCUFC at Centric Federal Credit Union.


What motivates me to work hard?
My members. I would be nothing without the constant support of the community and the people who trust me with their business. It is constant motivation when members continue to come to me and allow me to handle all aspects of their finances and transactions. God has given me a unique opportunity in my workplace and I do everything that I can to make sure that I am giving Him all the glory in helping my members. I strive to be “unmatched” as my mentor would say, so that is what keeps me going.

What is my favorite thing about my career?
The Chamber blessed me with the opportunity to work at Centric by letting me know of an open position. I am so grateful that Centric took a chance on me and that I now work for a company that has allowed me the opportunity to grow more professionally than I could have ever imagined possible. My favorite part about my career is that I can be a solution to anyone who walks in my office. As a Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor, I am able to help people achieve goals that once seemed completely unattainable to them. As a Mortgage Loan Officer, there is no greater feeling than calling someone to tell them that they are approved for their first home. It is never a no, but a WHY and a WHEN. If you have a goal, we can achieve it at Centric.

What is my proudest accomplishment?
My family. Brody and Mattison are the best things to ever happen to me. My life would be absolutely nothing without them and they are my motivation to be and do better. I thank God every day for blessing me with more than I could ever deserve.

What did I want to be when I was young?
A Veterinarian. I now know that I could never possibly give an animal a shot or even place a bandage on one, but I can definitely rescue plenty of animals off the side of the road and keep them at our house. I’ve been rescuing animals since I was a little girl and don’t plan on stopping any time soon. We now have two rescue dogs, Dak and Louie, who happily view themselves as our children.

What would I sing at Karaoke Night?
“You’re Not Sorry” – Taylor Swift (TAYLOR’S VERSION, if you know you know)

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