Ponderings — June 18, 2021

Blue Bell Ice Cream, am I right?

When my father in law was alive, the tradition was to serve Blue Bell Butter Crunch Ice Cream promptly at 8:30 pm. Almost immediately after finishing his ice cream, my father in law would announce his toddling off to bed for the evening. Since his death, we have kept the tradition going with my bride and my mother in law. What, your in-laws don’t live in your house? I have all kinds of stories, but that is another article.

I am not a fan of Butter Crunch Ice Cream. I discovered that trying to change the holy flavor to something else would be like changing the Sunday morning order of worship at your local Methodist church. It might happen, but the natives will not like it.

We have extra freezer capacity thus I began purchasing other flavors of Blue Bell ice cream. Besides, Blue Bell only makes Butter Crunch sometimes. The tradition became to ask the ladies what flavor they wanted and then provide them with their desired dish of ice cream delight. I always had three or four flavors available.

My bride longed for Cherry Vanilla. Previously we found it only at the Chinese Restaurant in Minden. I have relatives in Arizona who found it in their grocery stores. For nearly two years I have searched for the elusive Blue Bell Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream. I have never seen it in any grocery store in Louisiana.

I need to chase one rabbit here. Since my mother in law is visiting a daughter in Arkansas my bride and I thought this to be a good time to be a little more disciplined in our eating habits. One of the causalities is the 8:30 Blue Bell ritual. It has gone very well for the last week or so. We are eating lots of veggies and few calories.

Guess what I found in the grocery store yesterday? There it was Blue Bell Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream. For two years I have looked for the elusive delight. Now, when we are no longer eating Ice Cream, I find it. I’m wondering what the theological insight of this could possibly be.

This reminded me of what James wrote, “But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire.”
What is tempting you?

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