Ponderings – July 30, 2021

I want to give you a Greek lesson. With the Olympics going on you need to know that the Greek word for “victory” is “Nike.” Yes, the tennis shoe is translated, “victory.” Most folks know that Nike has the “swoosh” as their logo. If you don’t know about the swoosh, Google it. Let’s review the set up for this article. The Greek word for “victory” is “Nike” and the logo for Nike is the “swoosh.” You also need to know the New Testament was originally written in Greek.

Nearly a decade ago we rescued four puppies abandoned on the side of the road. The three males were adopted out quickly. The fourth one, a little female, we kept. We named her Dora because her first night with us she walked the perimeter of the yard. She was “Dora the explorer.” Dora nearly died a couple of times on us. She was a very sick little puppy. We think she started life blind and with some neurological issues. More than once, the vet told me, “I’m not sure this puppy is going to live.”

I’m a stubborn person and I wasn’t going to let Dora die. With the vet’s help and lots of puppy medicine. Dora made it. The sickly puppy now looks like boudin stuffed into fur. She runs, barks, digs, and wrestles any Labrador Retriever who is available. She is very much a normal dog. She is very much alive! She was victorious over her early challenges.

Early in her life, we noticed a bald spot growing on one of her hind quarters. In the middle of the bald spot was a black marking. The black marking wasn’t the scar from something. I don’t think it is anything hurtful. She doesn’t seem bothered by this bald spot with the mark. It is just a part of Dora the dog.

As she has grown and the mark has grown, the mark looks more and more like the Nike swoosh! Dora certainly earned her swoosh. She was victorious over the infection that threatened her little life. She was victorious despite overwhelming odds against her. I don’t know what it is, but it appears Dora has a permanent Nike swoosh on her body. Each time she goes to a new vet, they note the “scar” on her leg. It’s not a scar, it is the sign of victory! I always tell them the story of Dora’s victory.

You have a Nike swoosh imprinted on your soul. When you make Jesus your Lord and Savior, He gives you victory. In Christ, you have already won the victory over sin and death.

Live each day fully because through Jesus, you are a winner.

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