Update on the Library’s Recognition Committee

By Jim Wilkerson

The Lincoln Parish Library recently created a committee to organize a celebration to recognize three men who were central to the formation and maintenance of the library. The names of the men to be recognized are Jack Beard, George Byrnside, and Sam Williams.

Alan Brown, a resident of Lincoln Parish, volunteered to lead the recognition committee, and on Wednesday, August 18, he presented to the Lincoln Parish Library Board of Control to solicit their advice on how to move forward with the project.

The two central questions Brown posed were (1) how the committee wanted to recognize the men, and (2) what the date of the celebration should be. Brown acknowledged that September would be the ideal time to have the celebration to bring publicity to the library preceding the October 9 vote to renew the library millage. However, he ultimately did not think September would be feasible because it is too soon to hold the celebration if plaques, statues, etc., have to be made.

Board member, Richard Durrett, informed Brown that rooms had already been named after Beard and Byrnside and that plaques have been put up by those rooms. Williams was only recently added to the list of men to be celebrated, so nothing has been made for him yet.

Interim Director Marcie Nelson then proposed that a large plaque be ordered on which name plates can be placed to recognize Beard, Byrnside, and Williams – and any other individuals who deserve recognition as history unfolds. Board member William A. Jones, Jr., seconded the idea and suggested that the plaque be put up by the entrance of the library, where patrons can see a picture and description of each individual.

The board ultimately agreed with Brown that September would be too early to have the celebration, but the library could still have a press release once the plaque and name plates have been made. So, the board concluded that the celebration be put off until around May of next year with the intention of scheduling the press release in September.

A motion was then proposed by Jones which included the following:

First, Marcie Nelson and Alan Brown pick out the two best possible locations in the library for placement of the plaque;

Second, Marcie Nelson and Alan Brown choose the designs for the plaque and name plates;

Third, the language on the plaque is to be circulated throughout the board for approval;

And fourth, the text of the description of services rendered by the honorees to the library is to be circulated throughout the board for approval.

The board unanimously voted to pass the motion, with the qualifier that the board have the final say on everything.

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