A failure to launch

It isn’t as rare as sighting Haley’s Comet, but it was very unusual Thursday morning when Journal readers checked e-mail and didn’t find the normal 6:55 a.m. edition of your free local news source.

In fact, it’s the first time in over a decade of operating Journals around north Louisiana that happened.

Our e-mail distribution portal is operated by Constant Contact, which had a significant system disruption early Thursday. It was systemwide for them – a much bigger problem that goes far beyond our Journal community.

Fortunately, the problem was resolved mid-morning, and your Journal e-mail arrived about 10 a.m., three hours late. We apologize for the delay. It’s a first for us.

All Journal content was published as normal Thursday morning and is available through our websites and our social media pages that are specific to each Journal.

The folks at Constant Contact believe the problem is resolved, but just in case a snag happens again, Journal Services has a plan in place. Subscribers will quickly get an e-mail sharing different pathways to access the daily content that many need to get their day started just right.

That is always available by accessing our content through our websites, or social media.

The web addresses:







E-mail subscribers to these Journals were impacted by the Thursday morning issue..

All our Journals have corresponding Facebook pages, except for the South Caddo Parish Journal, whose content all is housed on the Shreveport-Bossier Journal Facebook site.

We appreciate your patience dealing with this major disruption – similar to a power outage or the systemic problem United Airlines encountered a couple of days ago, but unprecedented in Journal Services’ existence that goes back well over a decade.