Ruston man arrested for home invasion, possession and public intimidation

By T. Scott Boatright

A Ruston man who allegedly forced his way into a ex-girlfriend’s home remained in the Lincoln Parish Detention Center Thursday facing multiple charges.

Eddrick Deshon Hampton, 39, of No. 10 713 McDonald St., has been charged with home invasion, Possession of a Schedule I narcotic and Public Intimidation along with a pair of previous Failure to Appear violations.

Hampton’s arrest affidavit reports that at 11:19 p.m. Tuesday, the Ruston Police Department responded to an unwanted guest complaint at 1205 Gilman St.

The affidavit says that upon arrival RPD officers made contact with the home’s resident, who said she was inside and that as Hampton arrived at her home Hampton was on the phone with a female subject who she could hear telling him that Hampton’s ex was involved with another man. The female said that Hampton allegedly began yelling and kicking the door of her residence and that she yelled for him to stop but he continued kicking the door.

She told officers that Hampton then moved to the home’s west side door and began kicking it, forcing it open.
She said that Hampton then entered the residence and took her phone from her and then turned around and exited the residence.

The arrest affidavit says that the victim said she followed Hampton outside and begged him to give her phone back to her. She said that Hampton then turned around, gave her the phone back and said he wanted to hug her.
She told officers that Hampton left on foot after giving the phone back.

As an officer was talking to the victim, another RPD officer located a subject matching the description the victim gave of Hampton (a black male with short dreads, wearing a muscle T-shirt and blue jeans shorts) at the intersection of Mays Street and Bryan Street and detained him.

Hampton was then reportedly advised of his Miranda rights by the officer who had talked to the victim and went to the scene where Hampton had been detained. The arrest affidavit said that Hampton refused to acknowledge those Miranda rights.

The arresting officer said he then turned Hampton toward the hood of a patrol unit, had Hampton place his hands on the hood and then did a search of the suspect.

After searching Hampton the officer reported seeing a small, clear plastic bag containing a green, leafy substance the officer suspected to be marijuana under the front bumper of the patrol vehicle.

The arresting officer denied possessing the marijuana and refused to talk with officers about the incident on Gilman Street.

Hampton’s arrest affidavit says that the officer observed Hampton’s shoes to have the same print markings that were left on the two doors at the Gilman Street residence and that Hampton was handcuffed and transported to the Lincoln Parish Detention Center for booking.

The arrest affidavit says that upon arrival at the detention center, Hampton told the arresting officer that after he was released he was going to harm members of the officer’s family or whoever he saw the officer with in a public setting when off duty.

Hampton was determined to have two previous arrest warrants — Failure to Appear for Disobeying a Stop Sign and Failure to Appear for Driving with a Suspended License and was also charged with those two counts.

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