Sometimes it’s best to ‘let it go’

By Justin Shipley

I just wrote another check this month for storage. Another $75. Not a big deal. But after I sealing the envelope, I got to questioning if all my stored junk is worth a monthly nominal fee. Honestly, I can only recall but a few items that are in storage, while I’m sure the rest has been tainted by pesky rodents that actively participate in the occupy movement.

I recently overheard a conversation where one gentleman was talking about building storage units as an investment because they fill up fast. It’s like a real “Field of Dreams,” where “if you build them, they will come”. I know I probably won’t star on the next episode of Hoarders, but I got to thinking that I must value my junk. “What do I do with it?” “I might need that again someday!” Only forgetting what’s in there while proceeding to live life just fine without it.

To be honest, I think I pay my monthly rent only to not have to deal with it. But in the end, how much will that end up costing me? This whole rant might come from a frustration of not dealing with clutter, but I wonder how many times we don’t deal with unwanted baggage and how much it ends up costing us? There are issues that we would rather not deal with so we end up storing or tucking it away, only costing us more than we ever need to pay.

Could that relationship thrive if that issue was dealt with? Could your career launch if you turn loose of those doubts? Could one’s health improve if he or she was willing to change that habit? It is noted time after time that some things that we hold to so dearly may be the thing hindering personal growth.

So whether it’s bitterness, a habit, a hurt, or a hangup, is it costing us to miss out on the best version of ourselves? As I need to deal with my junk in storage, let us all be mindful of the things that we might need to deal with so that it doesn’t cost us our potential. So … enter the theme song from “Frozen” and “Let It Go.” so storage buildings will no longer be a good investment!

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