Short standoff after altercation with family, friends leaves Simsboro woman facing multiple charges

Jessica Woods mug shot courtesy of LPSO

By T. Scott Boatright

A standoff with Lincoln Parish Sheriff Office deputies has landed a Simsboro woman in the Lincoln Parish Detention Center facing multiple charges.

Jessica Woods, 35, faces charges of aggravated assault with a firearm, false imprisonment, aggravated second degree batter, resisting an officer with force or violence and two counts of resisting an officer. She remained in the LPDC on Monday with bond set at $120,000.

LPSO deputies reported being dispatched to 395 Madden Round in Simsboro around 11 p.m. Friday night in reference to a 911 call regarding a disturbance there involving Woods and a Taylore Lowery.

Upon arrival deputies reported making contact with a male “frantically pacing around” who was later identified as Jacob Huddleston. He told deputies that Woods and Lowery, his girlfriend, were inside the residence and that Woods had hit him in the head with a pistol, causing a wound deputies reported noticing Huddleston was bleeding from.

Huddleston reportedly told deputies that Woods was preventing Lowery from leaving the residence, possibly by threatening her with the pistol.

The deputies reported that Lowery then exited the residence, saying that Woods was still inside with a pistol. Deputies reported that shortly later Woods exited the residence and was ordered to place her hands in the air and walk toward them.

According to Woods’ arrest report, she did place her hands in the air but refused to move toward deputies and that when they moved toward her to take her into custody, she turned and began to run back inside the residence.

The arrest report said a deputy attempted to tase Woods as she fled but that the taser attempt was unsuccessful and that she returned inside the residence, slamming the door behind her.

Deputies reported then moving back away from the house and setting up a perimeter around it until more LPSO personnel arrived.

After reportedly calling Woods out of the residence for around 20 minutes via a patrol PA system, deputies said Woods eventually exited the residence and that as they attempted to place her into handcuffs she began pulling away. They said that while being forcibly carried to be placed into a patrol unit, Woods reportedly began kicking her feet and the patrol unit, telling a deputy she would kick her and calling her a profane name.

Deputies secured Woods and reportedly read her Miranda rights to her before questioning Huddleston and Lowery about the incident.

They said Lowery told them that she, Woods, Woods’ mother Jennifer and another person were inside the residence and that Lowery and Woods began arguing over something regarding Lowery and Huddleston’s relationship. Lowery said she and Huddleston had been living there with Jessica Woods for a month.

Deputies reported that Lowery told them that when Jennifer Woods attempted to intervene, Jessica Woods attempted to strike her mother with a baseball bat and that when Lowery grabbed Jessica Woods and tried to pull her away from her mother, Huddleston also stepped in and tried to restrain Jessica Woods.

After struggling with others, Jessica Woods then reportedly went and retrieved a pistol from her bedroom. Lowery said Jessica Woods then cocked the pistol and pointed it at her mother’s head.

Deputies reported that Lowery said Jennifer Woods was hit in the head with the pistol during the incident and she was no longer at the scene when they arrived.

Huddleston said that Jessica Woods shortly after told him “not to snitch” or she would shoot them, and that he was out on the carport when Jessica Woods came out and hit him in the forehead with something hard and metal which he believed to be the pistol.

Deputies said that upon being questioned, Jessica Woods said multiple times that she didn’t have the pistol and didn’t know where it was, but that while being checked for injuries by Emergency Medical Technicians she advised the EMTs she had hidden the pistol under her mattress, where it was found.

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